Hard work, full life

Hard work

Our members carry out a specialised task of such responsibility and importance as feeding our families. Day after day they work hard to offer us quality products made with sacrifice and commitment. At the cooperative we defend and preserve these values of rural life on behalf of each of the families who are part of it. Because the commitment of our members is part of our DNA: we were born with it and it is passed down from generation to generation. And those who make the effort, like each and every one of them, have many reasons to be proud.

Full life

A job well done always pays off. It requires effort, yes, but it is always worth it. And do you know which is the best reward for effort? A full, authentic and unique life, the fruit of the love and dedication of our members, making each product as all good things are made. Because only what has been achieved with sacrifice has that incalculable value. That’s right, being able to live authentically is the result of the perseverance and tireless work of our members. They are the reflection of the greatness of life in the countryside.

The Member is at the centre of Madre Esla

Why do we exist?

We exist to protect and promote the rural lifestyle as the only alternative to city life.

How do we do that?

We create the conditions for our members, companies and the self-employed to become more profitable, sustainable producers and generate wealth in the countryside.

What do we do?

We provide products and services which promote the competitiveness of our members and natural, healthy and safe food for everyone.

Without our members,

there is no countryside
and without the countryside, there is no city

The alternative to city life is our members’ lives. A life of authenticity and commitment which provides cities with what is necessary to live in them.

Our members are a reflection of the
greatness of life in the countryside.

We are proud to preserve and defend the values of rural life on behalf of each of the families making up our cooperative.

Companies and the self-employed in the
countryside create the territory.

The countryside does not exist by itself. It is us, the families inhabiting this environment who, with our efforts, keep people connected to the land.

our raison d'être
is to improve the quality of life
of our members and their families.

Our best members

Experience guides us

Ever since we built our first milk collection centre in 1995, we have been committed to the future of our cooperative. Since then we have worked hard and we have continued to move forward with more and more experience. Every day we have learned something new which has made us better. If we have got this far, it has also been thanks to the effort and the personal journey of our members and their families, who are the ones who have passed on the real tradition. All the values and principles have been preserved over time, enriching our cooperative and ensuring that agriculture and livestock farming continue to thrive.

Technology is on our side

Technology has changed the agricultural world. Without it, the dairy industry would not have come this far. In our cooperative, vision is a fundamental pillar to achieve what we set out to do because we believe in the importance of technology to drive improvement. Integrating technology in our sector has helped to digitalise and transform all production, making it more efficient, accurate and enhancing the value of our members’ work to automate processes and multiply the profitability of the field.


Madre Esla’s Mission

What motivates us to do what we do is very clear: we exist to protect and promote the rural lifestyle as the only alternative to city life. We are the cooperative specialised in dairy farming which defends the members’ way of life by bringing security, profitability and sustainability to their farms. The cooperative which makes its products the way things are made for the family, with effort and affection. In short, our mission is to defend life in the countryside, family and the value of effort.





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