We market Milk

We provide support to leading milk producers

At Madre Esla we group together and protect the milk marketing of a group of farmers full of knowledge, courage, youth and enthusiasm. Entrepreneurs, owners of future-oriented companies, united in the marketing of their production to maximise the value of their efforts.

Our hub of member farms is ranked among the elite in terms of production efficiency and quality. More than 40 million litres of milk are annually collected on our members’ farms, which makes us one of the leading dairy cooperatives in Spain in terms of production.

We concentrate our offer to add value

We negotiate large volumes of milk for our members, supported by a structure with the capacity to analyse markets and dialogue with all types of operators. We generate relationships of trust and mutual benefit between supplier and customer, which have an impact on the profitability and sustainability of our members.

Leading the growth

We continue to increase our milk production, growing in this area crossed by the river Esla, a region with all the characteristics to have become one of the main dairy hubs in Spain.

Livestock farmers proud of their knowledge

Knowledge deeply rooted in generations of dairy tradition, and shaped by its desire to pioneer every technological innovation and to listen to every market demand.

Forged by effort

Their cattle does not give milk… their effort does. The effort of our members in terms of work and investment. Working from the morning to the evening milking, every day of the year. Bravely facing important investments in facilities, machinery and land which allow them to maintain their business competitiveness.

Deep-rooted milk

Our livestock farmers are here to stay. Our cooperative is full of youth and generational change, and is located in a privileged enclave for dairy production.

Together we can go further

Each farm is unique and different. It is this cohesive diversity which has forged us, sharing resources, knowledge, experience and risks over the years. Thanks to this, we can now maintain a solid supply of sustainable, profitable and guaranteed raw material for the dairy industry.

Would you like to be one of us?